What is your #safecities solution?

The Safe and Inclusive Cities Exchange will bring together policymakers, practitioners and researchers to share their ideas about making cities across the world safer and more inclusive.

The Safe and Inclusive Cities research program has been investigating what does, and does not work, to prevent and reduce urban violence.

The conference will collect ‘#safecities solutions’ from participants as part of a wider IDRC campaign to gather ideas about what can be done to improve the safety and inclusiveness of cities across the word.

To take part and tell us your ‘#safecities solution’ follow these steps:

  1. Download the placard 
  2. Print the placard
  3. Write your #safecities solution clearly and legibly
  4. Take a photo with a camera or webcam
  5. Upload the photo to social media, making sure to tag @IDRC_CRDI and use the hashtag #safecities

You can view submissions to the ‘My #safecities campaign’ on IDRC’s Facebook page.

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