Day 2 Research Roundup

The number of people living in cities is expected to double in the next 30 – 40 years; disruptions are unfolding in previously stable regions; an estimated one in seven people currently live in slums without access to basic services; and no silver bullet is available for security and safety in cities. Day Two brought together and interrogated the realities, assumptions and terminologies around the goal of safe and inclusive cities. It explored issues of cohesion; socially-conscious urban planning; social value of land; gender transformation; mobility; and artisanal public transport.

A range of innovative and engaging presentation techniques including a World Café, Talk Shows, and video presentations were used to present the research to policy and practice audiences. We heard that while local level solutions are vital, they are dependent on overall national security policy; that poorly contemplated interventions can become the proverbial road to hell; and transformative actions depend on concerted multi-stakeholder engagement.

Read the newsletter for a full summary of the day and multimedia outputs.

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