Day 1 Research Roundup

40 cities; 16 countries; 15 research teams presenting 5 years’ research.  Day One was always going to be a busy day! It set the scene for what promises to be a lively exchange between more than 100 actors – researchers, policymakers and practitioners  –  who have been brought together to hear about the latest cutting-edge evidence on what’s driving violence in global cities; to share insights into how to make cities safer and more inclusive; and to discuss solutions to reduce and prevent urban violence and exclusion.

Day One was also a celebration of the work of the global team of researchers who, between them, have produced 170 outputs (and rising!) including close to 50 peer review papers; have broken new ground on theories of urban violence and inequality; and brought an important but often-neglected southern perspective to the global debate.

Read the Day 1 Research Roundup newsletter.

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