Research to Reduce Urban Violence, Poverty, and Inequalities

The speed and scale of global urbanization are staggering. More than half of the world’s population – around 3.4 billion people – now lives in cities. In 1950, 80 urban centres had populations exceeding 1 million; today there are 480 such centres that grow weekly by a million infants and migrants.

The Safe and Inclusive Cities (SAIC) initiative is a global research program that has aimed to document the links between urban violence, poverty, and inequality. Responding to the original question of what are the main drivers of urban violence, this research program has yielded hard evidence on a number of key drivers of violence in cities, and key knowledge gaps in the links between urban violence, inequalities, and poverty.

Poor governance and social exclusion, a lack of economic opportunities, restrictive gender roles, and lack of access to basic services for certain groups are among the main factors driving violence in many of the Global South’s urban centres.


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We've put @jorgemartin's astounding visual record of #SAICx17 in Dropbox so you can explore it at your convenience!
TALKSHOW 4 Strengthening Community Bonds Problem or Solution
Participants gained greater insight into the dynamics, pros and cons of social cohesion and how it manifests as it relates to urban violence. SAIC research on social cohesion was shared. For more information visit the conference website:
Summary of #SAICx17 The Safe and Inclusive Cities Exchange was held between 29-31 of May in Nairobi, Kenya. View the conference’s Shorthand Social story to view photos of the event and find out more about the key research themes discussed.  
The post Summary ...
What Makes a City “Safe and Inclusive” | Lo que hace que una ciudad sea...
We asked researchers with the Safe and Inclusive Cities initiative what they think makes a city “safe and inclusive.” Their answers, shared in this short video, range from the differences between men and women’s experiences of safety, to inclusive planning ...

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